Female Folksters Sampler

  • Track Count 23
  • Total Length 2:55:52
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  1. 1 Storms Are On The Ocean Maybelle Carter 03:20
  2. 3 Picture On The Wall Maybelle Carter 02:55
  3. 5 Claude Allen Kathy & Carol 05:28
  4. 7 Cruel Mother Kathy & Carol 02:43
  5. 9 Pretty Little Miss Out In The Garden Cousin Emmy 03:30
  6. 11 Blowin' In The Wind Joan Baez 04:09
  7. 13 Help Me Make It Through The Night Joan Baez 02:27
  8. 15 Woman of Heart and Mind The Rolling Thunder Revue 03:30
  9. 17 Shadows and Light The Rolling Thunder Revue 04:59
  10. 19 Joanna Cris Williamson 04:15
  11. 21 Both Sides Now Judy Collins 07:08
  12. 23 American Dreamer Laura Nyro 03:56
  13. 25 Woncha Come On Home Joan Armatrading 03:00
  14. 27 All That You Have Is Your Soul Tracy Chapman 04:59
  15. 29 Why Tracy Chapman 02:35
  16. 31 Age Old Blue Alela Diane 04:12
  17. 33 The Alder Trees Alela Diane 03:43
  18. 35 Hands In Pockets Laura Gibson 03:08
  19. 37 Stand Where A Fruit Tree Drops The Things It Doesn't Need Snowblink 04:41
  20. 39 Old River Beatbeat Whisper 04:34
  21. 41 I'll Bring You Home Jennifer O'Connor 03:22
  22. 43 Tap The Old Bell Shelley Short 02:29
  23. 45 Tennessee Gem Jessie Baylin 02:53
Playlist Description

Containing artists representing the earliest generations of folk, the 1960's folk revival, and the last four decades, this mix celebrates some of the finest female musicians in the Vault through the perspective of folk history. Some notes: -The similarities between the musicians over time seem stronger than the differences. Themes of loss, love, and social injustices have never gone out of style. Also, Alela Diane reminds me of Cousin Emmy for both tangible and intangible reasons. -It's somewhat remarkable that there are so many female folksters out there today. The ones here are only ones that have recorded Daytrotter sessions, so let us know about others that are out there. -Speaking of still being active, Joan Baez is on Twitter: @joancbaez Yesterday she did jazzercise and went to see The Dead. It's pretty awesome to be able to get random musings from such a legend on a semi-consistent basis. -"The Rolling Thunder Review" tracks are actually solo Joni Mitchell songs. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!