Warren Haynes

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  1. 1I'll Be The One06:42
  2. 2Fire In The Kitchen05:18
  3. 3Broken Promised Land08:45
Liner Notes

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals; Lincoln Schleifer - bass; Steve Holley - drums; Danny Louis - keyboards

Warren Haynes was asked to be the second replacement for Duane Allman in The Allman Brothers Band, and play alongside his longtime friend and collaborator, Dickey Betts. He has been in the band since the early 1990s, and has often been found jamming with Betts, Allman and other ABB members on their various solo projects.

Haynes is legendary for playing often and playing brilliantly. This show, taped in 1993, was with the band that carried his own name, which would not release its first studio album until 1995. Haynes is a powerful, blue-eyed soul singer, not unlike Gregg Allman. He is also a remarkable guitarist and can often play with the same intensity and passion as his idols: Hendrix, Vaughn, Clapton and the late Duane Allman.

The band only performs three songs in this set: "I'll Be the One," "Fire In the Kitchen" and "Broken Promised Land." Although these songs are only a taste of the expansive catalog this band has recorded and released, they lend a good idea of what Haynes and this project are musically all about.

Haynes didn't launch his now well-known Gov't Mule band until two years after this recording.