• Date Sep 8, 1987
  • Total Length 48:23
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Liner Notes

"Trip Through Your Wires" was a radio show broadcast by the DIR network in which all 4 members of U2 answered questions from in-studio co-hosts and from fans calling in from all across America. The name of the show was taken from a track on U2's Joshua Tree album, which had been released earlier in 1987 and has since become regarded as one of the best rock albums in history.

The show provides a sweeping, comprehensive look at the band. There is some heavier discourse as the co-hosts focus on the group's socio-political concerns and stance on becoming rock and roll icons, but this is balanced nicely by the fans' call-in questions, which are all over the map. The band's responses and follow-up questions for the callers give more direct insight into each of their personalities. The highlights of this recording, however, are two of the earliest recordings of The Dalton Brothers (U2's country western alter-egos), whom would soon be "joining" U2 on tour as an "opening act."

00:00 - Rumors of a nude interview
00:37 - U2's popularity in Ireland
01:35 - Drummer jokes
02:59 - Status of the Mother Record Label
04:30 - Working with Steven Spielberg?
05:20 - The inspiration for Bono's lyrics
06:50 - Plans to join the 1988 Human Rights Now Tour
07:40 - Plans for a live album / The Edge's favorite guitar neck / importance of a musician following their own path
10:05 - Failure as a cover band
10:50 - Interests outside of U2
12:18 - Future plans / The Dalton Brothers playing "Lucille"
14:28 - Adam's favorite tourist spots in Ireland
15:19 - Bono's wish for a duet / working with Robbie Robertson
16:18 - Reminiscing about Tempe, AZ
17:00 - The first club(s) they ever played (in the US and in Ireland) / playing in stadiums
19:13 - Intro to "Silver and Gold"
20:00 - Bono's thoughts on apartheid in South Africa
20:49 - Working with Keith Richards
21:55 - Thoughts on becoming rock icons / not having answers
24:13 - Thoughts on the Joshua Tree spoof in Billy and the Boingers Bootleg
25:04 - Inspiration for the rooftop scene in "Where the Streets Have No Name"
25:48 - Thoughts on John Lennon
27:19 - Rock stars committing to social and political concerns
29:40 - Thoughts on "Maggie's Farm"
31:18 - Painting pictures with sound
32:28 - Writing modern protest songs / influence of Bob Dylan
34:49 - Possibility of hearing old singles
36:12 - Going to Michigan / a warning about scalpers
37:53 - Trying to stay in charge of ticket distribution
39:43 - Larry's role in merchandising
41:10 - Potential for corporate sponsorships
42:58 - Larry's drumming inspirations
43:51 - Thoughts on "Elvis Presley and America"
46:00 - The Dalton Brothers singing "Lost Highway"