Thin Lizzy

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction01:26
  2. 2Soldier Of Fortune05:12
  3. 3Jailbreak04:23
  4. 4Johnny04:19
  5. 5Warriors04:24
  6. 6Dancing In The Moonlight04:43
  7. 7Massacre03:03
  8. 8Still In Love With You08:05
  9. 9Cowboy Song05:03
  10. 10The Boys Are Back In Town04:45
  11. 11Opium Trail04:55
  12. 12Don't Believe A Word02:29
  13. 13Emerald04:29
  14. 14Bad Reputation06:14
  15. 15Baby Drives Me Crazy07:02
  16. 16Me And The Boys06:21
  17. 17Are You Ready03:49
Liner Notes

Phil Lynott - vocals, bass; Scott Gorham - guitar, vocals; Brian Robertson- guitar; Brian Downey - drums; John Earle - guest sax, track 6

Started as a heavy rock 'n' roll band by bassist Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy was among the first Irish rock 'n' roll bands to really have a presence outside of the U.K. They had a number of European breakthrough hits, and one massive global album (Jailbreak) which cemented their success in the U.S., but they never made the crossover to "legendary" status as their contemporaries Deep Purple and Judas Priest had.

While the band played common denominator rock 'n' roll for the working class man and woman, the straightforward rock songs often had deep lyrical subjects, since Lynott experienced much as a Black man living in Ireland.

The band's 1974 breakthrough album, Jailbreak, had several radio hits including the title track, and the classic rocker, "The Boys Are Back In Town." Lizzy would eventually explore concept albums like Johnny The Fox and became a vehicle for Lynott's "Springsteen-like" character/story songs. In addition to Lynott, they were known for their amazing dual guitar sound, inspired by the early Allman Brothers Band lineup.

The band eventually dissolved in the early 1980s, and Lynott released two lackluster solo albums. Sadly, he died in 1986, from complications related to drug and alcohol abuse at age 35. After a number of tributes to the group in the 1990s, Scott Gorham revived the name in 2000, with a band that only included himself from the classic '70s lineup. Highlights of this 1977 show include "Soldier Of Fortune," "Jailbreak," "Johnny The Fox," "Still In Love With You," "Cowboy Song" and the classic, "The Boys Are Back In Town."