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  1. 1John Lennon (1969, 1980)37:11
  2. 2David Bowie (1978, 1983)34:22
  3. 3Bono (1987)53:04
  4. 4Keith Richards (1977, 1982)36:37
  5. 5Elton John (1976, 1982)35:47
  6. 6Tina Turner (1984)26:04
  7. 7R.E.M. (1984, 2011)47:29
Liner Notes

The Archive from Paste Magazine is hosted by Paste editor-in-chief Josh Jackson, who digs through the Paste Cloud archives to unearth interviews and performances from musical legends like John Lennon, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. The Archive is a chance to hear directly from these artists at their peak, in their own words and in a live-music setting.