• Date Jan 27, 1986
  • Total Length 24:32
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Liner Notes

By the beginning of 1986, The Police had been "on a hiatus" for almost two years, and Sting had already enjoyed some success with his first solo album, The Dream of the Blue Turtles. The album was heavily influenced by jazz and classical music, and although he was leaning in a more sophisticated musical direction, this did not mean that his superstar status had diminished by any means. This is evident here in the breathless, star-struck phone calls from fans in the US that Sting and host Lisa Robinson field from Abbey Road Studios. At the same time, Sting's maturity and calm permeate the interview, and when Robinson is at the helm, this leads to some frank answers about wilder days.

00:32 - The haunting of Abbey Road Studios
02:05 - Belief in ghosts
02:29 - Responding to the press
03:00 - Being challenged by his band-mates / playing guitar
04:04 - Changing how people perceive rock stars / avoiding the cliché
04:59 - Phone call: influence on becoming a singer
05:50 - Phone call: what Sting does during his "leisure" time
06:26 - Causing confusion to achieve freedom
07:12 - The many sides of Sting
08:21 - Phone call: why The Police separated / chances for a reunion
10:00 - Phone call: prospects for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame
10:50 - A book about Sting by Vic Garbarini
11:19 - Jamming with Andy and Stewart at different shows
11:39 - Enjoying being on the road / role playing
13:13 - A civilized tour
13:57 - A performer's responsibility to control the audience
14:40 - Phone call: future tour dates / the pros and cons of Hawai'i
15:45 - Phone call: the ideal subject for producing or directing
16:52 - Playing music with unknown musicians
17:50 - Including his son Jake in Bring On The Night
19:28 - Missing the hotel life
20:13 - Phone call: the political messages in music
22:17 - What the Russians feel about "The Russians"
23:07 - Finding positive outlets for his energy
23:46 - The next challenges
24:00 - Performing at the Royal Albert Hall