Ray Davies

  • Date Sep 12, 1983
  • Total Length 08:24
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Liner Notes

Recorded for an episode of Inside Tracks with Lisa Robinson, this interview focuses on the subjective side of Ray Davies' career. This entails some revealing stories about what was happening on the scene when The Kinks first broke through as well as some vulnerable moments when Ray talks about loneliness and his relationship with an unnamed woman (Chrissie Hynde).

00:00 - Writing while depressed and lonely
00:33 - Knowing the strength of one's songwriting
00:56 - Recording "Lola" (4 times)
01:08 - Recording "You Really Got Me"
01:55 - Swinging Sixties bands jealous of The Kinks
02:54 - Swinging Sixties bands looking down on The Kinks
03:30 - Misunderstood sense of humor / being lost for words
04:14 - Continuing to blow it / trying to cool it down / being a misfit
05:23 - On-stage demeanor / theatrical influences
07:06 - Having a relationship as a rock star
07:46 - A quick philosophy / the importance of a sense of humor