Phil Collins

Sample this concert
  1. 1I Don't Care Anymore06:57
  2. 2Thunder and Lightning04:19
  3. 3I Cannot Believe It's True05:19
  4. 4This Must Be Love04:39
  5. 5Thru These Walls05:26
  6. 6I Missed Again03:39
  7. 7Behind The Lines03:48
  8. 8You Know What I Mean02:59
  9. 9The Roof Is Leaking03:43
  10. 10Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away06:15
  11. 11The West Side06:31
  12. 12If Leaving Me Is Easy07:17
  13. 13In The Air Tonight06:16
  14. 14Band Introductions11:07
  15. 15Like China05:38
  16. 16It Don't Matter To Me04:18
  17. 17Hand In Hand08:37
  18. 18And So To F09:10