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  1. 1Introduction / P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) / Alice In My Fantasies17:03
  2. 2Cosmic Slop12:11
  3. 3Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On / Funky Dollar Bill26:55
  4. 4I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing / All Sons Of Bitches / Niggerish / Public Service Rap / Yank My Doodle / Some Next Shit / Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication17:21
  5. 5Flashlight09:39
  6. 6US Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog05:26
  7. 7Interlude02:33
  8. 8Love You More Than Words Can Say07:33
  9. 9Jam04:06
  10. 10Maggot Brain14:23
  11. 11Dog Star (Fly On) / Fight The Power (with Chuck D)19:03
  12. 12Just Say Ding (Databoy)02:50
  13. 13Hard As Steel08:39
  14. 14(Not Just) Knee Deep / Ants In My Pants Scat / Sentimental Journey24:29
  15. 15(Not Just) Knee Deep (reprise) / Come Fly11:03
  16. 16Shonda Clinton Introduction00:47
  17. 17Underground Angel / Trey Lewd Rap / Sick Nasty12:32
  18. 18Atomic Dog14:48
  19. 19Aquaboogie / Ride On / Rhythm & Rhyme / Up For The Downstroke / Cookie Jar33:35
  20. 20Red Hot Mama08:04
  21. 21Everything Is On The One05:39
  22. 22Mothership Connection15:27
Liner Notes

George Clinton-vocals; Michael Hampton-guitar; Blackbyrd McKnight-guitar; Gary Shider-guitar; Andre "Foxxe" Williams - guitar; Amp Fiddler-keyboards; Lige Cury-bass; Billy Bass Nelson-bass; Gay Gonzalez-drums; Greg Boyer: trombone; Greg Thomas-sax; Bennie Cowan-trumpet; Belita Woods-vocals; Trey Lewd-vocals; Shonda Clinton-vocals; Steve Boyd-vocals; Linda Shider-vocals; Chuck D-vocals

This is another unbelievable recording from Halloween night 1995 and they play for nearly 5 hours!