Noel Redding

  • Date May 19, 1990
  • Total Length 04:44
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Liner Notes

This interview conducted over the phone by Scott Muni is short and sweet. When the two are not exchanging pleasantries or engaging in small-talk, the discussion focuses on Redding's then-current project, touring with a band called Secret Freaks.

00:00 - A better reason for being on the phone
00:38 - Moving to Ireland and the work he's done there
01:13 - Secret Freaks line-up
01:53 - Writing a book called Are You Experienced?
02:25 - The current repertoire: Experience, Fat Mattress, covers
03:13 - Extending the length of the sets
03:54 - Driving through Ireland without visiting or bumping into one another
04:28 - Farewells