Mike and the Mechanics

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction / Hanging By A Thread01:02
  2. 2Halfway There06:15
  3. 3Silent Running07:09
  4. 4Par Avion05:01
  5. 5I Don't Wanna Know04:50
  6. 6Maxine06:36
  7. 7Taken In05:20
  8. 8A Call To Arms07:07
  9. 9Tempted04:30
  10. 10I Get The Feeling05:26
  11. 11Take The Reins04:17
  12. 12All I Need Is A Miracle / Band Introduction08:53
  13. 13Gimme Some Lovin'05:52
Liner Notes

Mike Rutherford - guitar, bass, vocals; Paul Carrack - vocals, keyboards; Ashley Mulford - guitar; Paul Young - vocals; Adrian Lee - keyboards; Peter Van Hooke - drums

Mike and the Mechanics began as a side project by Genesis member Mike Rutherford while the band was in hiatus and Phil Collins was off conquering the world of pop. Originally an outlet for songs he was writing that didn't feel right for Genesis' sound, Mike and the Mechanics eventually became a large act all on its own, thanks largely from the help of a hit single, "Silent Running."

This lineup included two established lead singers, ex-Squeeze member Paul Carrack, and ex-Sad Cafe lead singer, Paul Young. Both vocalists had successful solo careers, and had viewed Mike and the Mechanics as a one-off LP and tour. Then, as the hits emerged, it was determined that they would remain together and see what developed. Although the Mechanics had to sit out for extended periods when Genesis would regroup and tour, Rutherford got the band to the point where they could sell out venues such as the Tower Theater in Philadelphia, where this show was recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. They had scored another hit with "All I Need Is A Miracle" at this time and were a popular concert draw.

What is here consists of a mishmash of material ranging from Rutherford solo songs, the crowd-pleasing Squeeze hit, "Tempted," and a remake of the classic 1965 Spencer Davis hit, "Gimme Some Lovin'."

Mike and the Mechanics would burst wide open on the global charts in 1986, when they had a #1 hit single, "The Living Years," which tells the story of Rutherford's regret of never making peace with his father before his dad's death. Among the highlights during this hour-plus show are "Hanging By A Thread," "Silent Running," "I Don't Wanna Know," "Maxine," "Tempted," and "All I Need Is A Miracle."