King Crimson

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  1. 1Larks Toungues In Aspic 2 (part 1)00:35
  2. 2Larks Toungues In Aspic 2 (part 2)00:53
  3. 3Easy Money11:49
Liner Notes

Robert Fripp - guitar; John Wetton - bass guitar, vocals; David Cross - violin, mellotron; Bill Bruford - drums, percussion

Rare footage of the 1973 quartet configuration of King Crimson tearing it up on the stage at Wolman Rink in New York City's Central Park during the Larks Toungues In Aspic tour.  King Crimson would tour America again the following year, concluding that tour at the same location.  It would be the group's final performance until 1981, when Fripp and Bruford recruited Adrian Belew and Tony Levin to form the band Discipline, which soon became an entirely new incarmation of King Crimson.