John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introductions / False Start02:22
  2. 2An Eye For An Eye04:44
  3. 3Rock It In The Pocket06:46
  4. 4My Time After A While07:19
  5. 5You Never Can Be Trusted (false start)02:44
  6. 6You Never Can Be Trusted03:34
  7. 7Stage Banter / Introduction01:28
  8. 8Messin' With The Kid (with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells)04:44
  9. 9Don t Start Me Talkin' (with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells)10:09
  10. 10Looking Out For Willie06:39
  11. 11Stage Banter / Introduction01:39
  12. 12Suitcase Blues (with Sippie Wallace)06:33
  13. 13Shorty George (with Sippie Wallace)05:08
  14. 14Stage Banter / Introduction03:38
  15. 15Unknown (with Hubert Sumlin)05:11
  16. 16Unknown (incomplete, with Hubert Sumlin)03:40