John Hiatt

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  1. 1Memphis In The Meantime06:47
  2. 2Alone In The Dark04:48
  3. 3Thank You Girl04:53
  4. 4Tip Of My Tongue06:05
  5. 5Your Dad Did05:29
  6. 6Learning How To Love You / Band Introductions04:37
  7. 7Thing Called Love04:34
  8. 8Have A Little Faith In Me04:44
Liner Notes

John Hiatt - lead vocals, guitar; Sonny Landreth - guitar; Dave Ranson - bass; Kenneth Blevins - drums

There are few songwriters in contemporary music that have had the consistent chart success of John Hiatt. He has managed to keep his solo career on track with great material and strong musical performances year in and year out.

As a writer for other superstars, he gave hit material to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Rosanne Cash, Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, BB King, and Bob Dylan. Though he's never had a big hit song for himself, he has come close a number of times and, over the years, built up a loyal following of devoted fans.

This concert, taped for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, is comprised of eight songs, as he was only a supporting act and not the headliner for the show. Still, even with only eight songs, it is easy to see what a vibrant live performer Hiatt has always been. The material from this show is from the tour promoting his Bring the Family album from 1987. He opens with an energetic version of "Memphis In The Meantime," followed by "Alone In The Dark." Also featured here is a smart version of his single, "Thank You Girl." Hiatt's backing band features blues guitarist Sonny Landreth, who would go on to have a successful solo career of his own. A great live recording of one of the business' most accomplished songwriters - most definitely worth the listen.