Jack Bruce

  • Date Oct 30, 1989
  • Total Length 16:10
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Liner Notes

In another Scott Muni/Jack Bruce interview on this site, Jack mentioned that he had hoped to start working on a new album. A year later, A Question of Time was ready to go, an album that received critical acclaim for its wrapping of diverse elements into a coherent whole. Ginger Baker began touring with Bruce in support of this album, and Baker's career seemed to be back on track after a quiet few years.

Some of the more memorable moments within include his song introductions as a DJ for the World of Rock radio show, including the song "Flying," a tribute to the late Roy Orbison. There's also a nice recounting of his musical upbringing, including his parents' eventual acceptance of rock n' roll.

00:00 - Intro
00:18 - The new album, A Question of Time
00:47 - Guests on the album / getting them together
01:50 - Intro to the new single, "No Surrender"
02:58 - Musical upbringing
03:53 - The family accepting rock n' roll
04:28 - Little Richard changes your life
05:16 - Radio Luxembourg / finding good music
06:30 - Tour possibilities
07:37 - Intro to "Obsession" / Allan Holdsworth, Ginger Baker
08:40 - "Sunshine of Your Love"
09:47 - Playing old songs on tour / letting band mates be Eric Clapton
10:39 - Doing covers / Jimi Hendrix, classic blues
12:08 - Intro to "Make Love"
13:39 - The name of the new band
14:06 - Intro to "Flying" / tribute to Roy Orbison
14:55 - Outro