Gary Rossington

  • Date Sep 3, 1988
  • Total Length 06:41
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Liner Notes

When Gary Rossington called Scott Muni from Phoenix, AZ for this interview, he was taking part in the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute tour, pulling double duty with his Rossington Band opening. This is more of a status update than a history, the intention being to promote the tour and not necessarily to get to know him. As such, the conversation is a little dry, but interesting for providing information on The Rossington Band, an aspect of Synyrd lore that has not received its due attention.

00:00 - Where are you? / heat wave
01:00 - Skynyrd Tribute tour
01:42 - The new direction of the Rossington Band
02:15 - Intro to "Welcome Me Home" (continued at 03:59)
02:35 - The personnel of the Rossington Band
03:20 - Working with Jimmy Johnson
04:44 - Intro to "Call It Love"
05:24 - Plans for after the current tour
06:12 - Farewells