Frank Welker

  • Date Oct 31, 1985
  • Total Length 06:57
Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro00:38
  2. 2Meat Loaf Intro00:28
  3. 3Stray Cats Intro00:14
  4. 4Stray Cats Outro00:17
  5. 5Phil Collins Intro00:11
  6. 6Phil Collins Outro00:09
  7. 7Santana Intro00:34
  8. 8John Parr Intro00:19
  9. 9Ozzy Osbourne Intro00:27
  10. 10Warren Zevon Outro00:14
  11. 11Edgar Winter Intro00:21
  12. 12Judas Priest Intro00:28
  13. 13Judas Priest Outro00:09
  14. 14Billy Idol Intro00:17
  15. 15Billy Idol Outro00:24
  16. 16Madness Intro00:22
  17. 17Madness Outro00:06
  18. 18Moody Blues Intro00:20
  19. 19Moody Blues Outro00:17
  20. 20Outro00:42
Liner Notes

These voice overs were performed by Frank Welker for King Biscuit's 1985 Halloween broadcast, coinciding with their 13th year on the air. Welker was, at the time, best known for his work on the show Tales From The Crypt. Since then, he has provided voices or sound effects for an impressive list of animated TV shows and movies.