Dom Jan 31, 2011


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:03
  2. 2Beth03:03
  3. 3Jesus02:02
  4. 4Living In America03:09
  5. 5Rude As Jude02:48
Dom Jan 31, 2011
Liner Notes

At the very beginning of the song, "Beth," Dom, the lead singer of the Massachusetts band, Dom, sings about being "drunk in a backyard." It's not THE backyard, as if it could be his own or one of just a very small few backyards that he's been blitzed in, but it's A backyard, leading us to believe that there is nothing too random or arbitrary about his drinking behind a house. It's nothing like just being drunk behind a building though, this is a residence and there's something classy and get-together-y about that, no matter how many times it happens. We love the young Worchester's ambitiousness, its ambiguousness and its experience with finding themselves trashed out back, by the grill and the pool house. It seems as if these boys don't take too much seriously and there's little wrong with that, injecting wonderful sarcasm and over-the-top, anthemic punch to their ferociously hummable, garage-y synth rock. They take us into some basement caves that nowadays would give you no cell phone reception, but during the 1980s that the songs on "Sun Bronzed Greek Gods" tend to invoke, these are the basements where the titty magazines were stashed and where there was an Atari hooked up to a 10-inch black-and-white television set that needed a good thump on its topside every so often to straighten out the picture. These songs come from the decades when the girls in Playboys had some seriously sexy tanlines and they were rocking all kinds of thick bush. These were good things and Dom knows this. The album is a portal to feeling as if we hadn't already grown up, into a world that is so different from how we wanted it to be - so much more complication, so much more texting and networking. Dom reminds us of the feeling of getting into our swim trunks first thing in the morning of a picturesque summer day, hitting the pool or the slip-and-slide, grabbing lunch, listening to records in that aforementioned basement, drinking beer, hitting dinner and looking down and realizing that you've not changed out of your swimming attire. You've just dried off. Your skin's tingling pink and you've got a really nice buzz applied. You feel like dancing. You feel like making out with a random. You feel like you might remember this day in the morning, or years and years later as what it meant to be young.