David Lindley

Sample this concert
  1. 1Wavy Gravy Announcements13:19
  2. 2Cotton Mill Blues08:55
  3. 3How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?06:36
  4. 4They Call Me The Meat Man07:41
  5. 5Where's Jimmy?07:25
  6. 6Tijuana11:24
  7. 7Bon Ton Roulet05:46
  8. 8About To Make Me Leave Home05:23
  9. 9Well Well Well10:07
  10. 10Wagamama Blues07:15
  11. 11Quarter Of A Man05:15
  12. 12Ain't No Way06:38
  13. 13Banter / Encore Applause / Warren Zevon intro03:57
  14. 14Way Out West In Kansas03:57
  15. 15Outro / Wavy Gravy announcements06:57
Liner Notes

David Lindley - vocals, all string instruments; Hani Naser - percussion; Guest: Warren Zevon - guitar, vocals on "Way Out West In Kansas"

This is a superb recording of a terrific set. I've heard quite a few things from their tours together and this is by far the best outside of official releases. Fantastic setlist and Lindley is in incredible form here. Warren Zevon also guests on the last tune.

The first track is 13+ minutes of stage banter by Wavy Gravy prior to the set. He doesn't introduce Lindley & Naser until approx 11 minutes in. Likewise, the last track contains the outro, but then is followed by 5 more minutes of post-set Wavy Gravy banter, where he is mainly calling out numbers for some contest/drawing they must have been running on site.