David Byrne

  • Date Dec 16, 1982
  • Total Length 07:56
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Liner Notes

By the end of 1982, the Talking Heads had achieved a good deal of success, but the idea of being recognized had not yet become routine for David Byrne. In this quick interview with Lisa Robinson he talks about this recognition, how the band found its sound and how he tries to tell stories through his lyrics. What is most striking, though, is his pensive, sincere, deer-in-the-headlights tone, which sounds very similar to the awkward jerkiness with which he danced.

00:00 - Are The Talking Heads a rock band?
00:29 - Definition of rock n' roll
01:10 - Finding The Talking Head's sound / a process of elimination
01:57 - Songs as sketches for a larger painting
02:30 - Alice Cooper's influence on "Psycho Killer"
03:15 - Different ways of telling stories
04:02 - More confidence on stage / performing is like a scary dream
05:28 - "Take Me to the River" / Al Green's mixture of sex and the sacred
06:18 - Getting recognized as a pick-me-up
06:51 - Response to people acting differently as a result of their success