Dave Mason

  • Date Apr 29, 1989
  • Total Length 14:52
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Liner Notes

Without necessarily being a household name, Dave Mason has had an extremely impressive rock n' roll career. After co-founding Traffic, Mason went on to play with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Fleetwood Mac. The interview presented here, with Mason on the phone from Chicago with Scott Muni, is broken down into two parts. The first contains recollections from the best of these times, including recording "All Along the Watchtower" with Jimi and writing "Feelin' Alright." The outtakes from the interview deal mostly with his present day activities, which entailed recording an album that was never released. But even when the content isn't too remarkable, the camaraderie between Dave and Scott makes listening enjoyable.

00:12 - New album being recorded
00:31 - Being on the road vs. making albums
01:00 - Past collaborations
01:35 - Intro to "Feelin' Alright"
02:21 - The early days of Traffic
03:50 - Working with Jimi on Electric Ladyland
04:48 - Deciding to cover "All Along the Watchtower"
05:27 - Working with Delaney & Bonnie
06:13 - Intro to "Only You Know and I Know"

06:41 - Who Dave is recording with
07:28 - How Dave got his start as a musician
08:19 - Similarities between Scott and Dave (birthday, model airplanes)
09:19 - New happenings: resurrecting a record career / new production company
11:36 - Carrying on the tradition
12:40 - Working and not working / trying to keep the music fun
14:02 - Remembering Welcome to the Canteen