Chrissie Hynde

  • Date Feb 22, 1982
  • Total Length 15:47
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Liner Notes

Recorded a few months before the original line-up of The Pretenders would fall apart, Chrissie Hynde seems very comfortable with Lisa Robinson here, revealing much about the interaction between her personal life and her public persona. The main themes are how far she had come and how fate may have shaped events. From being a shy Ohio girl to being considered a prima donna, or from trying to catch a glimpse of the Kinks after a concert to trying to make a relationship with Ray Davies work while touring, this chat provides a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at a story of the rock n' roll dream.

00:00 - Playing the guitar just well enough
01:09 - Not being one of the guys
01:39 - Bands backing up the singers
02:44 - What happened to Akron, OH / getting out of Akron
04:20 - The meaning behind "Brass In Pocket"
04:51 - A feeling of destiny
05:37 - Best aspect of the career
06:02 - Working out a relationship with Ray Davies
07:01 - "The Adultress" / prophetic songwriting?
07:49 - Being sober / the old drinking days
09:05 - Working around "that time of the month"
10:09 - Being considered a prima donna / rules for a sound check
11:00 - First "meeting" with Ray Davies
11:52 - Invasions of privacy / being recognized
13:25 - Getting over stage fright / losing vocal inhibition