Bon Jovi

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  1. 1Intro00:28
  2. 2Brother Louie50:11
  3. 3Banter "Go buy Warren Zevon's Greatest Hits"03:13
  4. 4I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas30:15
  5. 5Fields Of Fire Intro02:45
  6. 6Fields Of Fire22:42
  7. 7Keep The Faith20:26
  8. 8Blaze Of Glory12:15
  9. 9I'll Be There For You06:35
  10. 10I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Intro04:39
  11. 11I'll Sleep When I'm Dead06:22
  12. 12I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas04:32
  13. 13Fields Of Fire04:15
  14. 14Blaze Of Glory05:18
  15. 15Keyboard Jam01:02
  16. 16Keep The Faith06:17
  17. 17Brother Louie09:02
  18. 18Brother Louie16:30