ARMS Charity Concerts Artist Interviews

  • Date Nov 26, 1983
  • Total Length 17:11
Sample this concert
  1. 1Eric Clapton Part 101:46
  2. 2Ronnie Lane Part 101:14
  3. 3Kenny Jones01:29
  4. 4Jimmy Page Part 101:12
  5. 5Bill Wyman01:42
  6. 6Paul Rodgers01:25
  7. 7Eric Clapton Part 201:50
  8. 8Ronnie Lane Part 200:52
  9. 9Bill Graham01:23
  10. 10Jimmy Page Part 200:54
  11. 11Jimmy Page Part 300:47
  12. 12Jimmy Page Part 400:31
  13. 13Joe Cocker00:47
  14. 14Ian Stewart01:19
Liner Notes

Bill Graham; Bill Wyman; Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page; Kenny Jones; Paul Rodgers; Ronnie Lane; Ian Stewart; Joe Cocker

Stricken with MS in 1976, Ronnie Lane responded with ARMS - Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis - and his friends Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker and Jeff Beck participated with others in a highly successful all-star benefit concert at Royal Albert Hall in September, 1983. The concert was such a draw that the performers agreed to a four-city tour for ARMS-America in late '83 which featured sell-out stops in Dallas, New York, San Francisco and L.A. Lisa Robinson interviewed several of them during the tour.