The sound itself has always defined Korn, the band whose punk, heavy, alt and rap post-dash adjective has always been "-metal." The lyrics and vocal development of former mortuary student Jonathan Davis notwithstanding, Korn's stature grew on the visceral strength of 'Korn' and 'Life Is Peachy' until MTV's push of 1998's "Follow the Leader" video pushed the band's marketing into general-public prosperity. The sound of the original five, Davis plus former LAPD's Brian Welsh, 'Munky Shaffer, Fieldy and David Silveria, has developed over a career path of extended touring that includes opening for Ozzy Osbourne in the mid-'90s and headlining Lollapallooza to their own Family Values tour which the band began in 1998. Like many groups of their popularity, Korn has become disillusioned with the music industry, the avarice of the recording companies and the possibilities of Internet opportunities and is exploring business plans which will keep the control and cash where they belong: with the talent.

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